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Our challenge to become a human resource service company people choose

"Lifetime employment/official employment" is a thing of the past. As employment becomes more liquidated, our mission to support various forms of employment is gaining importance in our society.
In addition, the request for we talented person service company, the prospective standard become advancement, diverseness from clients day by day, and an offer of the total solution supported up to an offer, casting, education, the training, support duties not the offer of the simple talented person Temporary staffing by a strategy becomes indispensable.
Needless to say, the demand for a human resource service that gets results is at an all time high.
This means fulfilling the needs of the labor market which changes drastically around the young population, creating employment, improving our own skills to execute our services based on sophisticated knowledge, and becoming a "truly reliable partner" for our clients.

President-director Toyomi Yasui