Company Overview

Company NameHITO-Communications,Inc.
Capital737,810,000 yen
Listed onTokyo Stock Exchange 1st section (Code: 3654)
Established on23-Feb-98
RepresentativePresident-director Toyomi Yasui
Executive officer structure
Board member management general managerFukuhara direct communication
Director and head of Nishi-Nihon sales departmentToshiaki  Yoshitsuna
Board member West Japan sales's deputy general managerTakayuki Yoshioka
External directorTetsuo Koga
External directorShinpei Sugiura
Full-time auditorToru Watanabe
AuditorTakako Matsuda
AuditorKimio Nakashima
Operating officer outsourcing division directorHiroshi Hori University
Operating officer plan business general managerhanado*
Representative number03-5952-1111
BusinessOutsourcing service, Temporary staffing service, Placement service
More details on our business
Group companies B B F
Branch out
JATS Co., Ltd.
Japan Limousine Service Co., Ltd
Research on antisocial forces
Corporate crisis management support
Security Protection Network Co., Ltd.
Address of main office 〒170-0013 1-9-6, Higashiikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo (Map)
TEL: 03-5952-1111 (main) FAX: 03-5952-1112
General worker dispatching undertakings license: (group) 13-090090
Placement service license: 13-ユ-090119
Contact information for our offices
Kansai branchTEL: 06-6456-1820 (Group No. 1)
TEL: 06-6456-1900 (Group No. 2)
Tokai branchTEL: 052-569-1620
Kyushu branchTEL: 092-725-6169
Hokkaido branchTEL: 011-241-3330
Tohoku branchTEL: 022-721-9777
Niigata branchTEL: 025-255-6921
Nagano branchTEL: 026-267-5220
Mito branchTEL: 029-303-2177
Omiya branchTEL: 048-871-5981
Chiba branchTEL: 047-495-8888
Yokohama branchTEL: 045-322-3400
Shizuoka branchTEL: 054-260-5330
Kyoto branchTEL: 075-353-5811
Okayama branchTEL: 086-234-1105
Hiroshima branchTEL: 082-545-1220
Utsunomiya officeTEL: 028-651-6366
Hamamatsu officeTEL: 053-413-7851
Kanazawa officeTEL: 076-221-0366
Kagoshima officeTEL: 099-216-2377
Okinawa officeTEL: 098-963-9003
Registration center
Shinjuku registration centerTEL: 03-6457-4721
Shibuya registration centerTEL: 03-5952-1111
Akihabara registration centerTEL: 03-5952-1111
Namba officeTEL: 06-6456-1820
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