Company Overview

Company NameHITO-Communications,Inc.
Capital737,810,000 yen
Listed onTokyo Stock Exchange 1st section (Code: 3654)
Established on23-Feb-98
RepresentativeRepresentative director Toyomi Yasui
Executive officer structure
Board member head office sales's general managerMasayoshi Seki
Director and head of Nishi-Nihon sales departmentToshiaki  Yoshitsuna
Board member management general managerFukuhara direct communication
External directorTetsuo Koga
External directorMasayuki Nakano
Full-time auditorKazuyoshi Tateishi
AuditorTakako Matsuda
AuditorKimio Nakashima
Operating officer West Japan sales's deputy general managerTakayuki Yoshioka
Operating officer outsourcing division directorHiroshi Hori University
Operating officer head office sales's deputy general managerhanado*
Representative number03-5952-1111
BusinessOutsourcing service, Temporary staffing service, Placement service
More details on our business
Group companies B B F
Branch out
JATS Co., Ltd.
Japan Limousine Service Co., Ltd
Research on antisocial forces
Corporate crisis management support
Security Protection Network Co., Ltd.
Address of main office 〒170-0013 1-9-6, Higashiikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo (Map)
TEL: 03-5952-1111 (main) FAX: 03-5952-1112
General worker dispatching undertakings license: (group) 13-090090
Placement service license: 13-ユ-090119
Contact information for our offices
Kansai branchTEL: 06-6456-1820 (Group No. 1)
TEL: 06-6456-1900 (Group No. 2)
Tokai branchTEL: 052-569-1620
Kyushu branchTEL: 092-725-6169
Hokkaido branchTEL: 011-241-3330
Tohoku branchTEL: 022-721-9777
Niigata branchTEL: 025-255-6921
Nagano branchTEL: 026-267-5220
Mito branchTEL: 029-303-2177
Omiya branchTEL: 048-871-5981
Chiba branchTEL: 047-495-8888
Yokohama branchTEL: 045-322-3400
Shizuoka branchTEL: 054-260-5330
Kyoto branchTEL: 075-353-5811
Okayama branchTEL: 086-234-1105
Hiroshima branchTEL: 082-545-1220
Utsunomiya officeTEL: 028-651-6366
Hamamatsu officeTEL: 053-413-7851
Kanazawa officeTEL: 076-221-0366
Kagoshima officeTEL: 099-216-2377
Okinawa officeTEL: 098-963-9003
Registration center
Shinjuku registration centerTEL: 03-6457-4721
Shibuya registration centerTEL: 03-5952-1111
Akihabara registration centerTEL: 03-5952-1111
Namba officeTEL: 06-6456-1820
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