Sales support service

By a great variety of services with the results,
We become partner taking business support of customer.

Hitocom provides various services helping sales in various industries such as electronics, mobile/broadband, foods, cosmetics, general goods, fashion, and more.
Based on those results, we will come up with the ideal combination of services that your company needs.

Outsourcing business specializing in sales/trade

We will find the services you need, combine them and provide you with a one-stop solution including sales/customer support/service/sales and more.

Industries that use our services

Hitocom not only fulfills the needs of the electronics/communications industry, which was our original strength. Our services are used nationwide in various industries including fashion, cosmetics, food/drink, tourism, and more.

Examples of services by industry

  • ・Household appliances general merchandising store: Offer of call center (multiple languages, technical to) service
  • ・Food manufacturer: We support representation to sell over the count in supermarkets
  • ・Cosmetic manufacturer: Visit business support to variety shops
  • ・Foreign-affiliated sound manufacturer: We are given in trust until sale representation collectively by round business for general merchandising stores
  • ・Commercial facilities, mall: It supports consulting for visit to Japan foreigner acceptance


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