Call Center/Multilingual Support

We will provide efficient sales activities through outbound programs and a thorough follow-through with inbound programs to help your sales force.

We have call center facilities in the head office in HITO-Communications and provide function of both outbound to make use of for inbound, business and marketing campaign such as various inquiry correspondence.
Our Multilanguage support can help you as a translator too on remote locations.

Our Services

  • ・Outbound services
  • ・New customer origination (corporate and individual)
  • ・Promotion for existing customers (corporate and individual)
  • ・Inbound services
  • ・Customer support (corporate and individual)
  • ・Warranties and other after-sales service
  • ・Orders/inquires inbound calls handling for mail-order business owners
  • ・Multi-language support (Chinese, English
    Korean, Thai, others)
  • ・Interpretation for retailers and distributors
  • ・Inbound call handling for tax-free services

We will suggest the best combination of services to fulfill your needs.

Frequently used in these industries
  • ・Electronics manufacturer
  • ・Cosmetics/general goods/apparel manufacturers
  • ・Baby/children's goods manufacturer
  • ・Toy manufacturer
  • ・Commercial facility
  • ・Foods/drinks manufacturer
  • ・Cellphone/carriers
  • ・Local government
Actual cases of this service
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