Call Center/Multilingual Support

We will provide efficient sales activities through outbound programs and a thorough follow-through with inbound programs to help your sales force.

We have call center facilities in the head office in HITO-Communications and provide function of both out bounds to make use of for in bound, business and marketing campaign such as various inquiry correspondence.
Our Multilanguage support can help you as a translator too on remote locations.

Our Services

  • ・Outbound services
  • ・New customer origination (corporate and individual)
  • ・Promotion for existing customers (corporate and individual)
  • ・Inbound services
  • ・Customer support (corporate and individual)
  • ・Warranties and other after-sales service
  • ・Orders/inquires inbound calls handling for mail-order business owners
  • ・Multi-language support (Chinese, English
    Korean, Thai, others)
  • ・Interpretation for retailers and distributors
  • ・Inbound call handling for tax-free services

We will suggest the best combination of services to fulfill your needs.

Frequently used in these industries
  • ・Electronics manufacturer
  • ・Cosmetics/general goods/apparel manufacturers
  • ・Baby/children's goods manufacturer
  • ・Toy manufacturer
  • ・Commercial facility
  • ・Foods/drinks manufacturer
  • ・Cellphone/carriers
  • ・Local government
Actual cases of this service
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