Staffing Services

Over 100,000 registered staff, employment opportunities throughout the year, various training programs, we will provide you with the professional you need.

Dedicated professional recruiters are assigned nationwide to promote employment activities such as posting job openings and interviews.
"A skilled staff attracts more skilled staff", over 20% of staff registered to Hitocom were introduced to us through our staff.

Our Services

  • ・Temporary staffing (General worker dispatching)
  • ・Permanent staffing (Paid employment agency)
  • ・Training agent business
  • ・Customer service training
  • ・Product training
  • ・Business manner training
  • ・Employment agency business
  • ・Job posting agency business
  • ・Receiving applications and scheduling interviews
  • ・Analysis and improvement of hiring performance

We will suggest the best combination of services to fulfill your needs.

Frequently used in these industries
  • ・Electronics manufacturer
  • ・Cosmetics/general goods/apparel manufacturers
  • ・Baby/children's goods manufacturer
  • ・Toy manufacturer
  • ・Commercial facility
  • ・Foods/drinks manufacturer
  • ・Cellphone/carriers
  • ・Local government
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