Outsourcing business specializing in sales/trade

We pursue result of customer together and come true,
It is business support to aim at of HITO-Communications.

Hitocom's outsourcing service is not just a service that provides staff to the sales floor/scene.
We help our clients to achieve their sales targets by providing comprehensive sales and marketing services for a variety of products, from consumables to durables.

Scope of our outsourcing services

Study & Research
  • ・Feasibility study of store administration, duties flow analysis
  • ・Mystery shopper
    (Store research, Competition research, Sales method of competitors research)
    ⇒Case study Mystery shopper
  • ・Sales promotion planning, Campaign planning
  • ・Administration plan, manual preparation, administration risk analysis, KPI setting
  • ・Store design

Details on the sales promotion business

Adoption, education
  • ・It is had an interview offer by setting of human resources requirements
  • ・Training production, enforcement
  • ・Shift management/Work management

More information on the human resource service business

Sales and Administration
  • ・Sale results analysis, analysis of customer trend
    Suggest/implement measures for improvements

We will suggest the best combination of services to fulfill your needs.

Industries that use our services
  • ・Electronics manufacturer
  • ・Cosmetics/general goods/apparel manufacturers
  • ・Baby/children's goods manufacturer
  • ・Toy manufacturer
  • ・Commercial facility
  • ・Foods/drinks manufacturer
  • ・Cellphone/carriers
  • ・Local government
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