Inbound related businesses/sales promotion outsourcing

Retail stores/manufacturers/commercial facilities Conducted store research from a foreign visitor's perspective to research/grasp the response capability towards foreign visitors

Researched the capability response towards foreign visitors from various perspectives including language, hospitality, duty-free, and more. Hitocom will clarify the issue of the store and support our clients take the next measure.

Client: Manufacturer/retail/shopping facilities


In order to increase the inbound demand of foreign visitors, we clarified the issues at the point of contact using the mystery shopper research method and made improvements


To visit to Japan guest
We plan anti-stress
Design of investigation item
Hitocom's experienced consultant with years of experience in the inbound-related sales support will design an original plan to fulfill your needs
It depends on foreign investigator
Enforcement of investigation
We will postulate the client customer base and utilize our multilingual research staff accordingly. Pre-briefing with research staff to increase the proficiency level of responses
Accumulating research results
  • ・Hitocom's originally developed mobile application used for research We will accumulate information from all of our staff instantly.
  • ・Interview conducted to each research staff in multiple languages after collecting responses
Of findings
Analysis, report
  • ・Held a meeting to share our findings
  • ・To background including culture, custom, palatableness of each country
    We dig down and feed back
  • ・We can provide suggestions about "Issues and countermeasures"
    From many aspects such as education, the training, tool development for multiple languages
    We carry out business support
Services Mystery shopper service, sales service for foreigners visiting Japan, sales promotion service, outsourcing business
Area coverage Metropolitan area
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