About security

In our site, we carry out the following approaches about security to protect personal information of user.

About SSL

We introduce SSL(Secure Sockets Layer) of cryptographic technology into page inputting personal information so that user can input in peace in our site. In SSL, input data flow through network to computer of registration after they were encrypted with PC of errand.

Note: SSL is technique to prevent misappropriation and manipulation of data by third party by authenticating with coding in browser and communication between WWW server.

About use of web beacon (web beacon)

We may use web beacon to investigate the use situation of site of customer, but, as for acquiring information that can identify the name of customer, address, phone number, individual such as e-mail address, there are in this way none entirely.

About access log

When user accesses this site in our site, the information may accumulate as access log on the Web server of this site. Kind of domain name of accessed one and browser using, the access date and time are included in access log, but do not include information that can identify individual.

About unauthorized access

In our site, we prevent unauthorized access from the outside by setting of firewall and make sure of information protection in site.

About weakness of cross site scripting

In our site, we give appropriate inspection, treatment at the time of development of Web application.

About security
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